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Wealth Professional March Edition - Alternative Investments

Commodity investment have enjoyed a bit of buzz recently amid forecasts that inflation is coming to the Canadian economy. Individual commodities themselves - from oil and gold to certain agricultural commodities like soybeans - have also grabbed their share of the headlines....continue reading on page 30


CKRM - Stats Canada estimates show less production in wheat & canola

Stats Canada says a July farm survey found farmers are expected to produce less wheat, canola corn and soybeans this year, but more barley and oats. The latest spring wheat production estimate is up this year, but durum and winter are down.....continue reading. 


Western Producer – Timing is tough when marketing around a trade dispute

Adam Pukalo of PI Financial in Winnipeg told me he tells farmers to forget the politics and the speculation until they have at least sold or priced some of their new crop this year. You Always need to get something priced. Even if it’s just 20% now for fall delivery, that at least provides cash flow and less concern about bin space... continue reading



Western Producer - Canola, wheat might see higher spring prices: adviser

Commodity futures adviser Adam Pukalo said canola and wheat might see better prices this spring, depending on how several factors play out. Speaking to farmers in Lloydminster Feb. 13 during Agri-Visions conference, Pukalo of PI Financial Corp said... continue reading


Western Producer - Canola sales make sense if looking for cash flow

If you have to cash out a crop right now, why not canola? After strong counter-seasonal price gains recently, a weakened Canadian dollar and storage concerns, canola might be the crop to move. That’s what Adam Pukalo of P.I. Financial is telling his client... continue reading


Winnipeg Free Press - Cost of diversifying (CDN$)

Yet investors can also hedge with more traditional means using actual futures....investors can buy currency-future contracts...that allows them to purchase Canadian dollars with U.S. dollars at a future date at a set price... continue reading.


Western Producer - Hedging risk is a good idea even in rising cattle market

Cattle producers are an independent bunch who prides themselves on self-reliance, but many of them would like to be less alone when it comes to risk …continue reading


Country Guide – Fertilizer prices and the stock market

Have you ever waited for something to go on sale, then it never does and you’re stuck paying full price, or maybe even more? A question I often get from farmers is how they can manage their fertilizer price fluctuations…continue reading


Western Producer – Analysts see little price recovery on horizon

Regardless of a bullish canola surprise in Statistics Canada’s recent crop production estimate, the bears are still in charge of that and other crop markets. That’s got analysts and advisers offering farmers few hopes for better prices, but perhaps better ways to deal with the downdrafts than just hanging on and praying… continue reading