Adam Pukalo, CIM

Investment & Commodity Futures Advisor

My career started in October 2010 as an assistant in a successful investment advisory team at Union Securities in Winnipeg. PI Financial Corp purchased Union Securities in 2012 and I have been with the company ever since. In 2015, I realized something was missing in my current advisory team, autonomy. That is when I made the difficult decision to pursue growing my own client base. At this point in my career, I was 25 years old and had a vision of what I wanted to create, which was unique strategies to help farming operations in managing their commodity risk and retirement investment portfolios.

Why farmers?

I never came from a farming background, but started to grow a rural client base because of my Market Watch radio. It is a radio show that is broadcasted across the Prairies on the GoldenWest radio stations. I've realized many of the same retirement planning strategies I used for non-farming clients could be used for farmers too. A reason I think I've been successful in working with farmers is I understand their needs and provide them a unique solutions for their personal situation.

I've completed my Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation to provide clients an array of investment options. In 2020, I was named by the Wealth Professional as a Rising Star in the industry across Canada.  

PI Financial Corp is one of Canada’s largest independent investment firms and has been operational since 1982. Because of the independent nature of our company, I am able to provide clients with the utmost service.

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