Traditionally, speculators are individuals that want to gain from the direction of a particular market.

Often my speculative clients focus on particular commodities in their area of knowledge.

For example, I work with individuals…

  • In the oil & gas industry and want to speculate on oil futures
  • Aren’t farmers themselves, but are in the agriculture industry and want to profit on a direction in grain prices.
  • May have traded the shares of gold companies and now want more leverage using futures

Trading futures and options can be high risk and there is a possibility of losses. My goal is to provide client’s guidance on the best strategy to accomplish what they want to speculate on in a risk limited way.       

The futures and options contracts I trade include:

  • Grains: Canola, Barley, Corn, Oats, Soybean Complex and Wheat Complex
  • Livestock: Feeder and Live Cattle, Hogs
  • Energy: Crude Oil, Heating Oil
  • Metals: Gold, Silver
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, British Pound, Mexican Peso, Australian Dollar and others.