COVID-19 Market Scenario's


I have been actively talking with all clients about how their portfolio is positioned during these uncertain times.

Having a plan and being comfortable with it helps when markets are volatile.

Stock Market Pullbacks Are Normal

Stock markets have been recovering from the March 23rd lows.

Some are questioning how fast the recovery has happened and if this trend can continue.

History shows markets can still keep going higher and pullbacks (declines) are normal.

The $1M Income Portfolio


Everyone knows the stock market is volatile. How can you position your retirement portfolio to weather the storm? On average, a bear market lasts 18 months when there is a recession, according to LPL research. 

Minneapolis Wheat Bottom?


Chicago wheat futures seem the most fragile since the funds are in a long net position, which could lead to profit-taking, or to a market trend reversal. For suitable clients, I've used an options strategy where you sell calls and buy puts to protect from the price going lower.

A Seasonal Opportunity?

Grains have been trending higher on news Trump has offered to delay $250 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods.

China’s communication ministry indicated that Chinese firms were again inquiring for US agriculture goods, mainly soybeans and pork.

Watching the CDN$

The Canadian Dollar has been the best performing major currency in 2019.

However, investors seem to be shying away from the loonie recently because the Bank of Canada may cut rates on December 4th.

ETF's vs Mutual Funds

I often hear clients say they think Exchange Traded Trunds (ETF's) are the same thing as Mutual Funds. While there are similarities, there are key difference to know. 

To understand the difference, you first need a basic knowledge of them.

Protect Your Canola?

I’ve been paying close attention lately to the November canola futures.

On Oct 2nd, canola broke out of the sideways channel it was in since late June.

Protect Your Canola Prices?

From July 2nd to July 25th November canola futures have traded in a tight range between $450/ton to $442/ton approximately.

I’m watching for a strong close above $450/ton to signal possible upside on the charts.